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Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Juices
by Dr. Norman W. Walker

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In FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUIT JUICES, R. D. Pope, M.D., writes "Dr. Walker has, for the first time in history, written a complete guide of the Therapeutic uses of our more common, everyday vegetables when taken in the form of fresh, raw juices. It will be of considerable help to those who wish to derive the utmost benefit from the natural foods which God created for the nourishment of Man." Dr. Walker categorically lists vegetable juices, explains their elements, and in cooperation with Doctor Pope, provides suggestions for effective treatment of special ailments.


Colon Health Key to Vibrant Life
by Dr. Norman W. Walker

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In COLON HEALTH Dr. Walker will take this forgotten part of your body and focus your full attention on it and you'll never again take it for granted! This books shows how every organ, gland and cell in the body is affected by the condition of the large intestine the colon. COLON HEALTH answers such questions as: Are cathartics and laxatives dangerous? Can colon care prevent heart attack? Is your eyesight affected by the condition of your colon? What are the ghastly results of a colostomy?


Water Can Undermine Your Health
by Dr. Norman W. Walker

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Dr. Walker sees water pollution as a cause of arthritis, varicose veins, cancer, and even heart attacks a major problem in virtually every community in the country. His treatment of water pollution is revealing, comprehensive, and scientific. His findings, and his recommendations for corrective action, offer new hope.


Pure and Simple Natural Weight Control
by Dr. Norman W. Walker

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In NATURAL WEIGHT CONTROL, Dr. Walker offers "A Diet Like No Other" based on the body's need for vital, life-giving enzymes found only in nature's pure foods. On enzymes he writes"Enzymes are not things or substances! They are the life-principle in the atoms and molecules of every living cell.

The enzymes in the cells of the human body are exactly like those in vegetation, and the atoms in the human body each have a corresponding affinity for like atoms in vegetation."

Easy Weight Control with NEW FOOD COMBINING PLAN


The Vegetarian Guide to Diet and Salad
by Dr. Norman W. Walker

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The pitfalls of overindulgence in certain food elements, especially oil and sugar, have been well documented. Dr. Walker offers in his book DIET & SALAD both a cook book and a nutritional guide that belongs in every homemaker's kitchen. In it he supports current medical research about the harmful effects of milk "It is generally assumed that cows milk is one of our most perfect foods... Milk is the most mucus forming food in the human dietary, and it is the most insidious cause of colds, flu, bronchial troubles, asthma, hay fever, pneumonia, and sinus trouble... cows milk was never intended for a human infant."


Become Younger
by Dr. Norman W. Walker


BECOME YOUNGER might be called the "cornerstone" of the famous Walker Program. What place has nutrition in the scheme of good health? How can the body and mind be so tuned that "old age" might be defeated? Dr. Walker suggests "When we embark on this program which may change our eating, drinking and living habits, we must have the courage of our convictions based on the knowledge which we can acquire through the principles involved in this program... To "become younger" means to have attained a state of sublime self-reliance and self-sufficiency which no one can take away from us."


The Natural Way To Vibrant Health
by Dr. Norman W. Walker


PROPER NUTRITION IS TANTAMOUNT TO GOOD HEALTH. One man today is walking proof of all this. Dr. Norman W. Walker, a living example of VIBRANT HEALTH, has had the answer since 1910. His information is timeless. The originator of "juice therapy," he made this statement in the preface to one of his books: "The lack or deficiency of certain elements, such as vital organic minerals and salts, and consequently of vitamins, from our customary diet is the primary cause of nearly every sickness and disease." For three quarters of a century MEDICAL EVIDENCE HAS NOT REFUTED HIM.


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