Over The Years:

November 2002

Power 90 Pictures


02-15-2001, I heard about the Hallelujah Diet and started to transition to it shortly thereafter.

11-02-2001, I ordered the Power 90 in-home boot camp. I followed it pretty much to the letter for approximately 90 days. After that, I continued to do the weight lifting, or "sculpt," portion of the program. On "cardio" days, however, I skipped the cardio workout, but continued to do the 7-minute Ab Ripper 200 workout. I also often did other cardio exercises off and on as time permitted.

Power 90 Updated Pictures One Year Later


I found a new before picture (Left), as well as took a new Power 90 picture (Right. Picture taken November 2003). I maintained my weight loss and manage to tone up some, while I'm not sure this shows up too well in the new picture. My workouts for the past year have generally consisted of alternating the Power 90 Sculpt program on one day and the Power 90 Ab Ripper 200 program on the off/recovery day, as well as doing some yoga as time permits. During the next year, I plan to incorporate some more cardio workouts back into my routine and I may also look into the new Power 90X program when it becomes available.

3rd-party verifiable weights:

Date              Weight

   10/26/1998           253
   01/17/2000           243
   08/21/2000           238
   11/01/2002           144
 Total weight lost, if you go back to my highest recorded weight:

109 pounds!


If you are interested in the Power 90 program, please click through to order:

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