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The Wellsville Press is an electronic publishing company specializing in producing ebooks which are designed to be easily purchased and downloaded. The ebooks are produced by a program that produces high quality, yet extremely easy to use ebooks, resulting in some of the most user-friendly ebooks in the industry.

The intent of the Wellsville Press is to specialize in health books, reprinting out of print books, and the scanning and conversion of paper books into an ebook format. These ebooks can either be sold through the Wellsville Press, or optionally, sold through specially created, fully autonomous sites.

If you are an author or would like to discuss a project, please contact me.

Wellsville Press publications include:

Macfadden's Fasting, Hydropathy, And Exercise
   Nature's Wonderful Remedies for the cure of all Diseases.


A rare classic meets the digital age as Bernarr Macfadden's Fasting, Hydropathy And Exercise, Natures Wonderful Remedies for the Cure of all Acute and Chronic Disease, becomes available again as an ebook. Originally published in 1900, Bernarr Macfadden, a life-long advocate of physical fitness, natural food, outdoor exercise, and the natural treatment of disease, makes the case for fasting and exercise as a cure for disease in general. Many specific treatments for various diseases are included, as well. The ebook is a faithful reproduction of the original and includes all 217 pages and all original artwork and photographs. The ebook is available to purchase and download now.

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Book Reviews

Barbara Stitt's book, Food and Behavior, is dedicated to the children and adults who have been mis-led and mis-fed. In other words, it is dedicated to America. In fact, even though Barbara became intimately involved with the relationship between food and behavior mainly through her work as a probation officer, most Americans could read this book and relate it to problems of their own or those of some friend or family member even though these problems didn't necessarily lead to run-ins with the law.

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Confederate Cookbook
A reprint of a rare original 1863 Confederate cookbook.
Confederate Cookbook e-Book. A reprint of a rare original. This book was published in Richmond in 1863. It includes recipes, many helpful tips, instructions for making beer and wine, as well as remedies for various diseases. Blocked off from the normal supply routes and under a prohibition of trade between the Confederacy and the United States, this book shows the true resourcefulness of the Southerners when faced with invasion of their homeland by Northern aggressors. $2.99 (view book's table of contents)

Instructions to download your cookbook will be e-mailed to you within 2 - 48 hours of purchase. No refunds. Software Requirements: Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer 4+ installed on the system.

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